High quality bio ethanol fireplaces and burners

We made this web shop specially for our English speaking customers in the United States, Canada and Australia.

Only in this web shop you can pay with $ (US dollars).

Do you live in Europe? Then go to www.dekafire.eu.

Bio ethanol (instead of wood) ensures that you do not need an extraction system and can place the burners and fireplaces in every room of your home or office.

Also, afterwards you do not have a mess. Your burner is simply burnt clean.

Great for when you want a nice fire at a party or birthday and not want to have unnecessary mess in the room.

Would you like to buy a beautiful fireplace?

We sell high quality fireplaces that we ship to almost all over the world.

Our fireplaces burn bio ethanol.

This means that bio ethanol is burned in the fire room of the fireplaces and this creates a nice flame.